Here is a quick overview of some of the key standards changes and updates, reflected in the new editions of the IATA DGR and Cargo Standards Manuals, effective 1 January 2018


Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)  59th edition 

-    The packing provisions have been revised to prohibit shippers from placing lithium batteries (UN  3090 and UN 3480 only) in the same outer packaging with dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1;
-    The provisions for overpacks have also been revised to restrict packages containing lithium batteries (UN 3090 and UN 3480 only), from being placed into an overpack with packages containing dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1;
-    Table 9.3.A and the provisions of 9.3.2 have been revised to introduce segregation requirements for lithium batteries (UN 3480 and UN 3090 only) and dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1. This aligns to the changes in,, PI 965 and PI 968. A note has been added to identify that the segregation of packages and overpacks loaded into ULD and aircraft cargo compartments, while recommended as of 1 January 2018, will not become mandatory until 1 January 2019;
-    A new Appendix I – Impending Changes, has been added to provide the detail of the changes that will come into effect as of 1 January 2019, based on the adoption of the changes arising from the 20th revised edition of the UN Model Regulations as well as the changes that have been agreed to date by the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel for inclusion into the 2019–2020 edition of the Technical Instructions.

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Live Animals Regulations (LAR)  44th edition

-    Addresses for the first time the importance of combating illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products;
-    Provides new requirements for containers (e.g. Container Requirements 1, 52A, 72 and 74);
-    Includes the latest government and carrier requirements, updated handling procedures as well as revised requirements when live animals are transported in Airmail;
-    Comprises updated information from Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

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Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR)  17th edition

-    All chapters pertaining to transport information and packaging recommendations for perishable commodities have been revised:
o    Chapter 4 describes specific product requirements and handling needs for different types of perishables, such as recommended transport temperature ranges and applicable special handling codes
o    Chapter 5 provides packaging recommendations based on the latest best practices to minimize product losses and maximize quality.

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Temperature Control Regulations (TCR)  6th edition

-    Updated in line with comments received by the industry and its various stakeholders;
-    Also includes the updated IATA’s CEIV Pharma Guidelines and Audit Checklist.

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ULD Regulations (ULDR) – 6th edition 

The 6th edition of the ULDR adopts many new changes and revisions including:
-    The ULD Operating content revised using a risk assessment approach; improving safety and aligning to best practices;
-    New Provision - Significant Changes and Amendments to 5Pallet certification configuration codes have been added to the optional markings of nets in SS 40/0 to assist the determination of pallet/ net compatibility; such new marking has also been incorporated in the Operational Damage Limits Notice (ODLN) of the net.
-    TSO certification code of the compatible net has been added to SS 40/1 Attachment ‘A’ in order to facilitate pallet and net compatibility matching.

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new IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM) – 2nd edition

-    New Mail Handling Working Instructions incorporated into all sections of the ICHM;
-    Competency-based training requirements started and initial recommendations published for all warehouse training;
-    Information added on irregularity reporting.

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Cargo Services Conference Resolution Manual (CSCRM) – 39th edition

-    New resolution 625 detailing the cooperation (MoU) between IATA and CITES; 
-    New recommended practice 1684 – Smart Facility Standards – recommending the way to assess air cargo facilities globally with accompanying standards for assessment, links to Smart Facility project;
-    New recommended practice 1685 – IATA Cargo Handling Manual – endorses the ICHM as the recommended method of handling cargo;
-    New recommended practice 1686 – Air Cargo Master Data – recommends guidelines for establishing and using clean and consistent master data;
-    New recommended practice 1687 – Data Connectivity and Data Exchange Practice – recommends efficient connectivity and exchange practices between business partners.

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Cargo Agency Conference Resolution Manual (CACRM)  40th edition

-    Resolution 821 allowing IATA Codes to be used in the IATA FIATA Air Cargo Program (IFACP)
-    Resolution 823:  new definitions of Terms used in the Cargo Agency Resolutions
-    Resolution 849: addition of Annex “B” - form of Individual Designation for Airlines in the IFACP
-    Resolution 851: clarification of acceptable signatories to the various Resolution Agreements for participation in the CASS Export
-    Resolution 851f: replacing former Agents Liaison Working Group (ALWG) by CASS Consultative Council (CCC) plus roles & responsibilities
-    Resolution 853: clarification of acceptable signatories to the various Resolution Agreements for participation in the CASS Import & Terminal Charges (CASS ITC)

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