SWIM Whitepaper

How to be part of the aviation information revolution

Cost-effectively managing the transition to SWIM

What to expect of this whitepaper
An aviation information revolution is under way, enabled by SWIM, the System-Wide Information Management framework being developed by ICAO. Aviation stakeholders, and even a wider pool of users, will be able to access the information they need, and significant, positive impacts on safety, efficiency and sustainability are expected. At this point in time, however, much remains to be defined to ensure harmonized implementation and eventual access to information.

It seems impossible right now to be part of this revolution, to open up our systems to this new format, but without compromising budgets, information security or future maneuverability. Stakeholders like you have many questions. In this document, IATA aims to provide potential answers, and offers a cost-effective solution to manage the transition to SWIM over time.

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